My sons and I have thought up a project that we would like help with.  We are putting together boxes to a school on Puerto Rico – sending them each a Ziplock Gallon size bag with small items to help encourage them and let them know we are thinking about them.

We will ship them in Large Priority Flat Rate Boxes – if you would like to help with this, you can purchase a prepaid shipping box here:

We will be able to fit 4-6 bags per Large Priority box.  No box will go unused.  We will be taking photos and sharing them as we fill them up.  Extra items will go in the extra boxes (if there are any left).  We can always send extra things like water purification tablets and batteries.


Items We Need (we create a registry so we can keep track of how much of each item):

Amazon Wish List

Our Favorite Children in Puerto Rico

  • Gallon Size Slider Freezer Bags
  • Water Purification Tablets (one pack per child – each pack has 100 tablets)
  • A Beach Ball
  • A Stacking Crayon Pen
  • A Mini LED Flashlight
  • A Pocket Notebook With An Inspiring Cover (non religious)
  • Scented Scratch and Sniff Stickers
  • Plastic Puzzle Trinket
  • A Pack of Haribo Gummy Bears

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