Tracy T Klemens, owns Letter Create and Letter Create Box.  She lives in Appleton, Wisconsin with her 2 kids and her Yorkie Poo “Mister Ninja Darth Vader”.  Her skills come from a life long love of crafting and art, as well as being an experienced, professional photographer, blogger and social media guru.  She has had advanced training in arts, adobe programs, design, hand lettering and continues to attend online and in-person workshops and conferences to grow her skills.  Including the Philly Pen Show in 2018, as well as studying to become an International Pen Master.

Originally, Craft Ninja Studio was an idea that was cultivated in August of 2015 with a lot of back and forth conversations with her correspondence “team” – (her cousin, best friend and other best friend),  but it did not come into fruition until she did her first workshop at The Draw  in November of 2016 – only as a temporary hobby weekend class.  After the first 5 classes sold out, Tracy was asked to join The Draw as a permanent studio and now offers workshops in a variety of art mediums and crafting skills.  She also brings in local artists and experts to teach other classes in her studio.

The Craft Ninja Studio recently changed the name to reflect the new direction of the studio – to focus on Lettering, Calligraphy, Brush Lettering, to name a few – to Letter Create.

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