New Year 2019 Stash Giveaway

Every year Letter Create does a facebook live where we draw names for our giveaway!

This year we are giving away several amazing prizes but we are doing it differently.

Instead of a live event on one day we are going to do an ongoing INSTANT win giveaway.

We are giving away 5 Boxes of Stationery Supplies (similar to what is pictured here)

We are giving away Gift Cards In The Following Denominations







**Once you win the Gift Card you will only have 2 days to redeem it and then it expires.  No exceptions – as unclaimed gift cards will go back into the pool for others to win!

We are using an APP through WooBox to manage our giveaway.  Once you enter in your email address your code is instantly and randomly generated.

We will add your email to our newsletter list.  If you decide you do not want the newsletter (after you receive it) – simply click “unsubscribe”!

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