Private Events and In-Home Parties for Adults or Children

Letter Create Studio now offers Private In-Home Art Parties and Private In-Studio Events.  If you can’t come to the Letter Create Studio – Letter Create will come to you!  Children’s Birthday Parties, Ladies Lunch Parties, Wine Tastings, Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Corporate Meetings!

The price quote for a party, depends on the size, craft/art project and extra party needs – you can indicate everything you want or need in our party and we can quote you.

We are launching a new concept at Letter Create at the end of summer!  It is called Creative Gather.

This is a new and exclusive opportunity!  We have very limited spaces available to our favorite clients and community connections and we wanted to be the first to share this with you.

Creative Gather is part of Letter Create where we will now offer in-home exclusive calligraphy and crafting classes.  What makes this special is we will come to your home with all of the supplies for you and your friends to learn or complete a project together!  We will bring some wine to share and some of our local favorite snacks to nibble on. You are more than welcome to add to the festivities with your own culinary contributions and libation, but that is certainly not a requirement!

How does this work?  

First you pick the creative concept you would like to offer your guests (see options below)

Second you pick the date with our expert crew of professionally trained teachers

Third you pick the friends and send the invitations – we will help you with this step too!

**We can help you with any of these steps, including sending invitations for you either via email or custom calligraphy invitations (please see our fee chart for more information).

How much does this cost?

This entirely depends on the scope of the project you choose!  You as the host are FREE as long as you have at least 8 people book and pay for their workshop spot.

The cost ranges from $19.99 per person all the way up to $149.99 per person.  It just depends on what artistic medium or craft you choose to do.

We can accept payment directly with a private link for your guests OR you can pay up front for your friends and collect payment from them directly (or if it is something you are paying for as a gift or event we can do that too!).  If you pay for the entire party and all attendees 7 days before your event you will get an additional 10% off.

Simply fill out the information below and email it to us to get started with the details!

  1. Please give us some dates and aproximate times you would like to host your party?

  2. How many people will you be hosting?

Now here is the fun part!  What do you think you would like to do?  **You can pick as many options as you want for more variety and pricing options!

  • Intensive Modern Calligraphy – Begininning to End (3 hours)

  • Step 1:  Basic Hand Lettering (1 hour)

  • Step 2:  Calligraphy/Brush Lettering (2 hours)

  • Crochet

  • Knitting

  • Watercolor Painting

  • Card Making

  • Reclaimed (Wisconsin Sourced) Barnwood Sign Class

  • Vertical Porch Sign Painting Class

  • Canvas Painting Class (we can send you some ideas for this)

  • Decoupage – Coasters, Wooden Crates, Gold Leaf Glass Plates

  • Collage Art

  • Rug Making

  • Jewelry Making

Or maybe you have another idea!  Someone on our staff will certainly be able to accomodate and teach what you have in mind too!

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