We are bringing the vintage feel back to our business, as we do every day with our calligraphy, lettering and stationary!  We have always been centered around the concept of bringing people together through community activities and events.  Through our subscription box (or if you don’t want to join that you can still participate for free!).

We will do our best to screen all applicants with the resources we have available, to ensure we do not get any creepers and criminals.

Here’s how it works

  1.  Fill out our form to register for our database of pals – matching time is between 2-8 weeks at this time (click here)

  2. We will screen your registration (please click here for our safety policies)

  3. We will match you with someone – if you do get matched we will send you a pre-addressed, pre-stamped card and envelope in your Subscription Box – each month

  4. If you do not belong to our subscription box service, we will send you a card and envelope with your pen pals information.

  5. Each month in your subscription box you will get a handy list of writing prompts, ideas and things to create and send to your pen pal!

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